STOPPER Reusable Ear Plugs are intended for hearing protection in workplaces where there is excessive noise as well as in non-industrial environments. They protect against street noise, office noise, noise caused by neighbours, snoring, loud music etc.

STOPPER MWD Ear Plugs with category no. 101 - 120, are made of cotton-viscose wool saturated with natural wax.

STOPPER ELA and ELA II Ear Plugs with category no. 201 - 303 are made of elastic and soft material, friendly to human skin.

It is worth remembering that the effectiveness of noise suppression and the comfort of use are highly dependent on the correct insertion of the plug. Ear plugs should be worn during the whole period of exposure to the excessive noise. Even briefly direct exposure of hearing to the excessive noise may destroy the protection effect.

In the choice of earplugs, it is recommended that during the use of product, the level of sound should be between 75 and 80 dB. Excessive noise suppression may result in a feeling of isolation from the environment.

We also recommend the APO and ZPO Eye Wash kits for eye rinsing. They come useful in any situation where there is a risk of eye irritation, for example in quarries, mines, building sites etc. APO Eye Wash is also useful at home. It can be used for rinsing eyes with chamomile solution or other eye medicine solutions.